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Leadership & Career Coaching

Ellen Coaching provides strategic career coaching and guidance based on our clients’ unique skill sets, and the lifestyles they wish to achieve. We strive to give professionals the ability to achieve their career goals by providing an environment where balance, focus, and accountability matter. When people are truly happy in their careers, they do a better job, helping to make the world a better place.

Why our clients excel

Ellen Coaching is a boutique career coaching service with an upbeat, fun, direct, and helpful team of professionals that assist experienced professionals in determining their ideal career path. Our career coaching process includes thorough one-on-one appointments and small group sessions that are focused on maximizing our clients’ personal and professional potential.

In order to find the best possible career path, often difficult decisions need to be made. We are deeply committed to helping clients achieve success, and take pride in forming trustworthy and reliable relationships with our clients.

We coach leaders to reach their career goals by providing strategic guidance for individuals, teams, and corporate executives.


Do you need help clarifying your vision? Have you been overlooked for a promotion? Is it time to learn how LinkedIn can help you get your next job? Let’s have a conversation about how you can easily map out your career plan. Having a Career Coach will save you time and energy so you can land faster and earn more!



Executives, managers, and team leaders have a unique set of challenges, from developing talent and internal relationships, to overcoming recurring challenges. Ellen Coaching works with executives to strengthen their leadership capabilities, and to become more fulfilled in their personal and professional lives.



We provide speaking engagements and workshops, helping teams and individuals move forward in their careers. Workshop topics include; Building Your Brand, Building Your Network, The Etiquette of Networking, Job Search Success, LinkedIn Basics, The Career Changer’s Resumes, and The Art of Interviewing.


A Trusted Partner

Consulting for MBA Programs is a passion of ours, and to objectively listen and troubleshoot is an art. We’ve successfully set up Career Centers and their resources to increase placement rates and generate revenue. Let’s work together to design your next successful Career Center.


“While I knew I wanted to make a switch from the public to the private sector, I didn’t really know which direction I wanted to pursue and what was realistic given my experience to date. The entire process was initially overwhelming–there were too many options and almost too few all at the same time.

I felt instantly better as soon as I started working with Ellen. She had the plan and the focus I needed to move forward with my job search. Ellen provided a framework for my seemingly scattered interests while simultaneously providing the encouraging, positive support needed to tackle a challenging process. One of the things I appreciated most was her emphasis on identifying what I wanted first and then following up with a practical plan to get there, even if that meant pursuing different, carefully targeted jobs in the interim.

I would enthusiastically recommend Ellen to anyone in need of a career coach. Ellen is not only a great resource for anything and everything job-search related, she provides the optimal amount of encouragement and support needed to navigate through difficult transitions.”

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