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Career coaching

Why hire a Career Coach

When you invest in yourself it’s also a wise investment for your employers. Working with a Coach will bring you a new perspective and new outlook. You’ll learn to be a better team member and a stronger leader. Your coach helps you stay accountable to reach your goals. This new perspective will rejuvenate you and allow you to lead to professional success.

Accelerate Modules - Take your pick!

Assess Your V.I.P.s.

We start with you. What strengths do you bring to the table? What are your Values, Interests, Personality and Skills? These come out through discussions and personal assessments. After listing what you bring to the table, we start to think about WHO needs your V.I.P.s. in their organization.
Goals & Timeline

Let’s create some realistic goals and figure out what the gaps are. Based on the timeline you create, what would you like to see happen? What do you need to have in place to reach these goals? Can you salvage your current situation or is it time to make an exit strategy? All of this insight will help you when talking to your [next] employer.
Brand Strategy

In this step, we’ll take time to look at your brand. What is your Unique Selling Point? How will this benefit your current or future employer? How can we tie this into your LinkedIn profile and other social media brand. Becoming confident in your brand will help you both personally and professionally when making connections and articulating your vision/goals.
Next Step Options

What are your options? Through research (online and in-person), it’s time to see what you are really meant to do with your talents and education. You’ve worked hard to earn a degree, so let’s put it to good use. This step looks at industries, companies and or the job function and tackles the steps of change. Making on move at a time.
Networking Strategy

Here’s where we take that research and start talking to people who can help. We make lists of acquaintances, allies, and advocates who can help, partner and project our networking into the fast lane. This is where YOU stay in the driver’s seat and learn about the hidden job market. Insider information, company culture, the things you only hear through the grapevine. We will prepare you to handle your nerves and discuss any road blocks that come up when you hear the word ‘networking’.
Marketing Materials

It’s time to ensure that you’re brand runs continuously and consistently through your marketing pieces. We will look at your LinkedIn profile, resume, correspondence, 30 second pitch, informational interviews and even at informal get-togethers. It is no longer an option to be caught off guard and if you aren’t ready with you messaging; someone else will be.
Interviewing for Success

You might not know it but you’re being interviewed every day. Whether it’s your boss who “pops into” your office, a presentation you make in a meeting, a phone conversation with a client, or a formal interview with a potential employer, your ability to speak with confidence is crucial. It’s time to polish up and practice your stories so you can succinctly and confidently market yourself.
$alary $uccess

Everyone gets nervous when it comes to salary negotiations – Chief Financial Officers, parents transitioning back to work (after time at home) or Career changers. It’s nerve wracking! But it doesn’t have to be. Let’s work on knowing your value, knowing you’re worth, knowing the market and knowing how to play the ‘negotiation game.’ Once you know the rules, you’ll feel confident and in charge.

“Ellen has the experience and track record to guide and coach professionals to reach their career potential. [She] has the unique talent of helping others realize and achieve their goals. I strongly recommend Ellen as she will prepare you and help you realize your true career potential”

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