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Speaking & workshops

Presentations Offered

  • Networking for Business Development
  • Navigating a Networking Event
  • You and Your Personal Brand
  • LinkedIn for Networking Success
  • The NEW Interviewing Rules
  • Four Steps to Career Success
  • Successful Resume and Cover Letter Writing
  • Dining Etiquette: How to Eat, Talk & Shake Hands
  • Leveraging Your MBA


Networking for Business Development
It’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know. This strategy is still the number one way that business gets done. Learn the number one skill in building relationships, being a power connector and finding the manager to close the sale. Let’s create an action plan that works for you and your team.

How to Navigate a Networking Event (Other Titles: Networking for Non-Networking Types, How to Work a Room, Take the Work Out of Networking)
While the number one work-related fear may be giving presentations, mingling may be just as hard. How do you handle those awkward silences? How do you get away from “the long-winded talker?” What do you say to the stranger when there’s nothing in common? This presentation empowers participants to prepare for networking events, conferences and or any other opportunity where “small talk” can lead to “big decisions”. Ellen has led executives, doctors, lawyers and scientists through her steps to Enter, Deepen and Exit a conversation with class, confidence and clarity. Never waste your time at a networking event again!

You and Your Personal Brand
If you don’t manage your reputation, both in-person and on-line, someone else will. Your brand is like your fingerprint. No one else has it nor can they successfully imitate it. The uniqueness that only you offer is your differentiator. Using the 360Reach premier personal branding assessment, participants will measure that professional reputation and create a plan to solidify their brand. We will discuss the importance of your values, vision, purpose, goals and passions that have the ability to enhance and enrich your career. This workshop will help participants create a brand statement, understand how their brand is unique and formulate a plan so that brand complements their company. 360Reach has been used by nearly one million people and is being used at many Fortune 500 companies.

The NEW Interviewing Rules
At your level, interviews are happening over a cup of coffee, in the hallway, or when your boss “pops in” your office. These informal conversations mean that you need to be ready to sell yourself, prove your worth and all the while; keep your cool. This presentation will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to stay on top of your game. Participants will leave feeling ready for whenever your boss, a headhunter or even the casual conversationalist at a networking event turns into an Interviewer.

Four Steps to Career Success
Your career path is no longer a linear process: go to school, get a job, and work until retirement. It is a cyclical process that you will go through three to four times in your professional career. Attend this workshop to learn the four steps for smooth and successful career transitions. Participants will leave the session knowing how to “move up” or “move on” in their professional career.

Successful Resume and Cover Letter Writing (We can easily customize a title to fit your organization’s needs)
Anyone can write a good resume but writing a resume that floats to the top of the stack takes time and effort. This workshop outlines how to write a GREAT resume and explains what prospective employers look for. In addition, writing a strong cover letter can help you land an interview for that dream job. This presentation will outline several tips and techniques for writing a stellar resume and correspondence letters. It is no longer acceptable to just add positions to your undergraduate resume. There are new rules!

Dining Etiquette; How To Eat, Talk and Shake Hands
It may sound easy but throw in an impressive alum, a tricky bacon-wrapped shrimp and small talk and common sense gets thrown out the window. Rules of etiquette are established to make people feel comfortable; however, if you don’t know the rules, you may feel very awkward. Learn the basics of dining and networking etiquette. Put your best “fork” forward in this interactive and fun workshop.

Leveraging Your MBA
Whether you are happy where you are or are thinking of your future, how can you leverage your MBA? In today’s economy, you need to be in the driver’s seat. Learn the strategies of managing your career, be proactive (rather than reactive) in your strategic plan, and leave the session being able to finish this statement; “Here is how I currently use my MBA…”

“I had the pleasure of having Ellen speak to our graduate students in the business school on developing a personal brand and promoting this brand through the job search process. The students were engaged, involved and enlightened. Ellen presented the subject matter with a level of assurance and expertise that was both confident and approachable. Her ability to truly engage the students was most remarkable. Many of the students who participated mentioned that they truly enjoyed the presentation and felt it was of great benefit to them. Although our population of students is mostly international, they had no problem at all being really focused and involved in her subject matter.

I would highly recommend Ellen to visit any campus that has career-related programming needs. Her checking in process pre and post event was not pushy or needy (as some presenters seem to be) and we truly hope we can have her back at Tulane again.”

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